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I often get asked where about how and why Love Tee got started. Love Tee was born because I believe in love with all my heart. I believe that every single person  could use more love. And not just love in a romantic sense, but love in a universal sense. I believe that love can change things—our outlook, our interactions, our reactions, our healing. I believe that love is here to teach us, and to heal us.

I've been obsessed with love since I was a little girl. But it wasn't until I was much older that I learned what real love was. I've witnessed miracles because of love. I've experienced the purity of love from complete strangers. And I've learned the tools to love myself better because of people who have made it their goal to help other people. Love saved my life. 

I want for every person to experience the kind of love that I have. Self-love, familial love, romantic love, love from strangers, and love from friends. I want to be a messenger for other people to learn about love. And I hope to inspire kindness and compassion along the way.

I'm on a Love Mission to bring more love to the world—but it's really not about me (this is so much bigger than me). This is about you. I want to give you a way to share your love with others. I want to help you become a love ambassador, sharing positivity and light wherever you go. And I want to ensure that you know you are loved, adored and cherished. That you're important and that your presence here is needed. 


In Love & Light,


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